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Frequently asked questions

What is the razor made from?

We use just one material to house the blade and it is plastic-free. The material we use is bio-based and compostable according to ASTM D6400.

What about the blade, does that compost?

No, the blades are made from a premium Swedish type of steel. Metal does not compost and as it’s stainless steel, it’s designed to not rust or erode.

How do I look after my razor?

Make the most out of your razor and get as many shaves as possible out of it. The more shaves you get from each disposable, the fewer material is used per shave. To make the most out of your razor, clean and dry it after each use. This helps preserve the quality of the steel. Store your razor in a dry place, rather than keeping it in a damp place such, as in the shower.

Where to throw the razor out?

Apart from the blade, our razor is made from a mono material which is compostable according to ASTM D6400. This certificate tells us that the material will disintegrate in 12 weeks, and compost entirely within 6 months in an industrial composting facility. Here it will turn into CO2, water and biomass (compost). Due to the metal blade, our razors cannot go into home composting or organic waste collection. We are working on a dedicated collection scheme that allows us to compost the handles and separate the blades. For the time being, you are best off disposing of your razor in your general waste.

When will I get my razor?

We are currently in commercial production and aim to dispatch our first batch of product in July 2024.

How do I contact Nimbi?

We would love to hear from you with any question or query. You can email us on or message us on our social channels.

What is a Beta model?

The concept of Nimbi is to continually improve our design, manufacturing and product as technology and resources improve and develop. Beta means this is our debut model. Although it has been tested, it is our first batch, which may not be perfect. As we build feedback from our shavers, we will iterate and perfect the shave quality along with continually improving our environmental impact.